Physical Literacy

physical literacy is fun!

Remember as a kid how much fun you would have playing with your friends in the park, or dancing around the room? Being physically literate is fun and we have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love to move, dance, play and jump around with their friends. 

physical literacy is easy

Bringing young people into a fun, positive environment filled with music they can relate to with their peers a recipe for success. Pair that with our award winning programs and choreography for DANCEPL3Y and you've got kids that don't even know they're working out - all they are doing is having fun.


Physical literacy is essential to health

With the rise of technology and younger and younger kids having access to it, there has been a measured drop in physical activity in schools. Teaching young people early in life that moving and playing is more fun than sitting on a smartphone at recess is a recipe for success and healthier life.

physical literacy improves confidence

Kids that are physically literate are more confident to try new sports and activities, more confident to be called on by a teacher for an answer and more. Kids that are physically literate tend to make smarter choices later in life with food and their activities - less electronics and more PL3Y!


Happy, healthy kids means improved mental focus and higher test scores.

People that are physically literate are happier and have a more positive attitude.


Physically literate kids have a lower risk of adverse health issues in the future.


People fluent in physical literacy are better in social situations and team building.


PL3y's programs are built to Develop Physical literacy

From the ground up, all of PL3Y's programs are built to develop physical literacy. Everything we do, teach and live is about empowering people both young and old to make better choices throughout their lives - all though being playful and being an Engineer of Awesome.

Making people and especially kids feel amazing about themselves is what we do. This is PL3Y.