Host a PL3Y training

We host PL3Y trainings all over the world, maybe your city or town is next!

If you'd like to host a PL3Y training there are two avenues to choose from and a few things to note before moving forward.


Location requirements

  • A studio space large enough to accommodate 15-20 people, preferably with mirrors.
  • Stereo with iPod capabilities/connector
  • Wireless Headset Microphone (with batteries)
  • Space available over a weekend
  • Scheduling Options- the course can be offered anytime during the following time slots. A total of at least 16 hours is required over two or three days.
  • Friday anytime between 6PM and 10PM – includes 1 hr Master Class/Demo Class (open to public). 6PM-9PM Preferred
  • Saturdays anytime between 9AM and 7PM – Master Class can be offered on Saturday AM. 9AM-6PM Preferred
  • Sundays anytime between 9AM and 6PM 9AM-4PM Preferred

Local Partner

$385-$450 /registrant

Best for someone with access to a dance studio, gymnasium or MPR room.

Local Partner hosts the course via an hourly rental or exchange for use of space.

PL3Y Inc manages all promotions and course registrations.

Local Partner has option of offering space for use at no cost in exchange for one Free Course Registration.

PL3Y Inc arranges and pays for Master Trainer travel, accommodations and meals.

Individual Registration Fees: $385 Early Bird, $450 Regular

8 paid registrations by Early Bird Date required to confirm a course.

PL3Y Inc works in collaboration with Local Partner to promote the course. Promotional material provided by PL3Y Inc.

Corporate contract

$2,500 /course

Best for larger organizations with 10 or more course participants and their own location.

Corporate Host hires PL3Y Inc to deliver a training to internal staff or as a means for revenue generation.

Host provides a location and is responsible for promoting the course and managing registrations.

Host pays a flat rate to PL3Y Inc. for Instructor Training Fees and Program Manuals *plus travel, accommodations, meals if necessary.

Travel Fees: Corporate Host pays for Master Trainer flight, hotel, transfers and meals.

Registration Mins/Max: 10-20 participants.

Corporate Host manages course promotions and registrations.

Option for Host Location to charge a training fee to participants up to $385.