The PL3Y Philosophy

We believe that through movement you can do more than just help people get fit – that you can foster community, positive mindsets and vibrant health. Our goal is to help everyday people discover, practice and maintain a positive and playful mindset towards physical activity and lifelong active living.


be positive

Our first rule (we can all use a bit of practice on this one, right?): Instead of saying "I can't" say "I'll try"


be fun

Our second rule is that we want you to BE fun! We want you to share the best and most fun version of yourself!


be yourself

Each person is different –  our third rule celebrates each person's unique physical literacy journey.



Bodies were made to move. The ability to move confidently while doing a variety of different activities is the spice of life! At PL3Y, our vision is to inspire positivity and develop physical literacy through a wide range of physical activities. We achieve this through world class programs that harness the power of music and movement to allow people to discover the best version of themselves!