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Health Literacy Forum

CURRICULAR AREA: Physical and Health Education
The Health Literacy Forum is a core competency activation session for grade 5/6 students to identify, apply, and reflect on strategies used to pursue personal healthy living goals.

DRIVING QUESTION: How can we develop growth in thinking, communication and personal and social competencies for students?

FOCUSED INQUIRY: Physical and Mental Well-being

Social Responsiblity: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion
Well-being: The 60 Minutes Kids Club Challenge
Personal Awareness: BOKS KIDS-Active Kids= Active Minds
Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: Aboriginal Medicine Wheel: Health and Wellness
Building Relationships: Dancepl3y

NOTE: To ensure equal opportunity for all schools, each school will be guaranteed their first class and a second class will be put on a wait list. Your attendance will be confirmed.

Location: Tournament Capital Centre
Time: 8:45am to 1:30pm
Target Group: Grade 5/6 students and their teachers
Capacity: 600 grade 5/6 students