PL3Y is all about physical literacy and fun. Our programs are fun, full body movement based classes and instruction designed to give you a workout when all you're doing, is having a blast.

Twist, shout and dance to your favourite chart topping songs. With routines and moves specifically designed for kids, teens and adults, everyone gets a fun filled workout. DANCEPL3Y is designed to be taught in school gyms or rec facilities.

Pumping beats, sweat dripping down your face - this is POWERPL3Y and the most fun, high intensity workout of your life. Core training, simplicity and constant fast-paced movement are the cores of POWERPL3Y. Get ready to sweat and be awesome.


Take the fun, outside with PL3YGROUND! Remember how much fun it was to play with your friends ON the ground? With adult style versions of your favourite childhood games and sports, PL3YGROUND is the adult version of your favourites.